The Owner

Elisa loves reading books, being around books, talking about books, recommending books, holding books, standing by books, sitting by books, seeing other people read books, organizing books, staring at books, touching books, and dreaming about books. She’s wanted to open a used bookstore since she was a kid, but was waiting to live in a city she wanted to stay in. She finally felt at home in a city when she moved to Portland in 2007. This little neighborhood book shop, and being in it almost every day, is a dream come true for Elisa.

The Store (currently online only, hoping to resume brick & mortar ASAP)

Whether you’re looking for something specific, want to wander amid thousands of books, or even just talk with someone about books, we’d love to have you stop by. We specialize in fiction for adults and kids, with a large section of Local and LGBTQ authors, and sections for mystery, nonfiction, bio/memoir, science fiction and fantasy, true crime, poetry, young adult books, and more. We have multiple monthly readings from local authors, book group discussions, and other cool and fun things for people of all ages (check out the events page for more information). Stroll on in and find an old favorite you want to revisit, or a new author to get excited about.